Start Again Somewhere

by Jacob Russo



In February of 2011, Jacob released his first full-length CD at the age of nineteen. This CD titled, “Start Again Somewhere” was a project that, for a while, seemed incapable of ever seeing the light of day. Fortunately, patience and dedication coaxed the simple bedroom set-up and stand-alone processor into producing this eclectic work of art. Nearly every song that Jacob writes utilizes numerous and different styles; yet they always manage to uphold his very unique and distinct sound. With every part and instrument on the album completely self-written, produced and taught, it is easy to see Jacob’s multi-faceted talent when it comes to the recording aspect of things. However, put this soft-spoken individual on the live stage and prepare to see a whole other side of the music.


released February 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Jacob Russo Denver, Colorado

Located in Denver, Colorado, young singer/songwriter Jacob Russo is a songsmith beyond his years. Focused on the true independence of the music, Jacob utilizes whatever he has at his disposal to learn, write, produce and perform a sound of his very own.

It is hard to say what surprises this young songwriter has in store for the future so keep listening and you are sure to not be disappointed.
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Track Name: Start Again Somewhere
It will be so long
But I won't miss no one
Because I'm goin' far away this time
And I'll never be the same

I may write sometimes
You know I wouldn't want my mama to cry
And I love my friends into their graves
But I'll never be the same

I've spent enough time tryin'
To live, right here
And I won't forget one thing
But I'll start again somewhere

So I'll leave any messes back here
I may be a little anxious, but I'm not quite scared
Because I'll wake so unfamiliar but I'll find my way
And I'll never be the same

I've spent enough time tryin'
To live, right here
And I've waited all my life
To start again somewhere
Track Name: Old Luck
What's in me
Aside from a mild anxiety
I'm wishin' that time would slow its beat
For a minute or two

Start it up
He hasn't awoke from the bed of his truck
He's been conquered and broke by the worst of his luck
And too drunk to move

I had some old luck
That I'd locked up for times that I'd need
And if I stumble upon its location
I could be safe for a moment at least

Know that love
Is less like a feeling and more like a drug
And I think it's my favorite, I can't get enough
When the world doesn't move

I had some old luck
That I kept for the times that I'd need
And maybe I'd find it if I got denied
This sweet lady to hide it from me
When i'm finding a truck just to sleep

You can't count on luck for a thing...